Volunteer and Community Organizations in the Oregon Area

OregonCARES cares about building community!  Getting involved with a local group- either formal or informal- is a great way to connect with neighbors, meet new people and make our community better.  Here’s a list of community organizations that we came up with, but it’s by no means comprehensive!  If you’re a part of a group that would welcome new members, please let us know and we’ll add you to the list.

Formal Community Organizations – these are organizations that have a more formal structure (a leader of some kind, perhaps a board of directors, a regular meeting schedule).

Oregon School District                   Oregon and Brooklyn PTOs                   Lions Club                       Rotary Club                   Optimists Club

Churches (and sister parishes)          Knights of Columbus                       Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts             VFW          4-H   Oregon Public Library

Oregon Senior Center       Oregon Youth Center      3-Gaits Riders           Habitat for Humanity          Brooklyn Recreation

Oregon Youth Sports groups       Chamber of Commerce (and Summerfest)     Oregon Area Progressives

School District booster groups – Athletics, Band, Chorus, Orchestra    Knit Together          OWLS         Friends of Badfish Creek

Volunteer Fire/Ambulance – Brooklyn and Oregon          Police Explorers Post   Peer Court    Oregon-Brooklyn Food Pantry

Schools of Hope Tutoring             Oregon Preschool Parent Volunteers            Oregon Community Police Academy

Informal Community Organizations – these groups might be a little harder to find because they don’t have a formal leader, but they are great at connecting!  Network with friends with similar interests or ask neighbors to help you find- or establish- a group!

Book clubs            Tai Chi group                         Yoga group(s)                        Neighborhood associations                           Garden clubs

Beneficiaries-  not formal organizations, but these events or funds are supported by many groups and individual volunteers.

Neighbors In Need of Assistance (NINA)    K-9 patrol        Kids Triathlon       Safety Camp

Safety Day            Adopt-a-Highway